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What is PenguinPing?

Security testing is an important information security task, for verification of sites and services before being put into production. This site is about a DDoS testing tool which can help perform structured network and infrastructure testing.

When connecting to the Internet we immediately receive traffic from unknown sources. We should consider testing our infrastructure using active pentest methods, to verify robustness. This talk will be about doing port scans for discovery of infrastructures and detailed advice how to perform active DDoS simulation to find bottlenecks in the network. The attack tools will be already known tools like Nmap and Hping3 with IPv6 patches. The focus is on the process and experiences doing this over many years.

Networks are insecure, and often not as robust as we wish. There is a high risk that networks are vulnerable to one or more DDoS attack vectors, if not tested and verified. When setting up networks we often ignore the built-in features available, and we often have to select which features to enable on specific devices. The vendors tell us they can do everything in every box, but the truth is that attackers can often use more resources than we have available.

PenguinPing is on Github

PenguinPing is a simple Lua script currently running on top of MoonGen/libmoon. Both these can be found on Github:

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Easy to install and run

Get started by cloning MoonGen source from GitHub, compile and run using the script

Don't forget to read and follow instructions for huge tables etc.

Lua Scripting

Look at the examples from MoonGen and then clone PenguinPing

Git-based source control

Leverage Git version control system by cloning the scripts and start modifying Lua code. Knowing it can send full wirespeed 10Gbps with 14.8 Mpps (millions of packets per second)